Writing Guidelines

This website is a gathering place where people can tell wisdom stories about the natural world. If you have a fact-based story about some creature, Earth process, rock, mountain, or fossil—anything to do with the natural world—put it into the format that works for you, and send it to us. If it meets our guidelines, we’ll post it under your name.

Guidelines for submissions:

  1. Using facts and/or personal experience of Earth creatures (plants, animals, forests etc.), events and cycles (earthquakes, weather, water, carbon, etc.), geologic conditions (rocks, mountains, soil, etc.), produce a story that reveals wisdom about humans living well with each other and with Earth itself.
  2. If you write an Earth Story, be as creative and imaginative as you wish, but always retain the integrity of the essential facts and your own experience.
  3. Try to keep the written stories relatively short, usually under 1,000 words.
  4. You do not have to state explicitly what the “moral of the story” is. Sometimes it is better to let the reader discover, through the left-brain, what the right brain has already received in simply reading your story.
  5. Other formats for story-telling include poetry, video, photography, art, song, and skits (which would be videographed for the website).
  6. You can also write essays on environmental ethics and values based on your experience and knowledge of the living Earth. These essays should not exceed 2,000 words.
  7. Read samples of stories and essays now on the website to get a clearer idea of what to submit. However, do not feel constrained by these examples. The point is to discover the wisdom arising from within the planet and sharing it hypnotically (through stories) to our readers.

Please send us your stories that reflect the wisdom of Mother Earth and Universal Consciousness.

With thoughts, questions and concerns about creating Earth Wisdom Stories, please use the contact page.

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