Detritus and Hope

On this mild, balmy winter's day
I'm enchanted by last fall's unraked leaves

Heaving themselves up from melted snowmounds
they re-emerge, not in the brilliant oranges and reds of autumn,
but in glorious black and brown decaying masses

You'll enrich the soil, I tell them, and in you
I will plant tomatoes and radishes
carrots and cucumbers
as soon as the ground is ready
and the last of winter has swept and swirled itself away

I love the detritus
the makings of a compost pile
a glimpse of the earth I came from
the earth I'll return to
the earth piece that arranges itself
around me
that is me

On a few trees, some leaves have held fast
through the winter

They too are black and ripened with time

Soon they'll fall to join their brothers and sisters
on the ground, warming the earth
preparing for tender new growth
to shoot up right through them

A garden of carrots and cucumbers
tomatoes and radishes, detritus and hope

                                                             janine arseneau

Ancient Snow, Melting

Janine Arseneau writes: "a dream I awoke from organized itself into this reflection...I love how the obvious, the most simple, knowable obvious, needs to find me all over again, and I come upon it as a fresh discovery each time... my dance with the spiral of time"

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