The Power of Place

By Dale Olen

Friends ask us where we are traveling to next.  We respond, “Our only trip is from Germantown, WI across Milwaukee to Wauwatosa.  We’ve moved.” 

On August 1, 2013, we traveled the 12 miles out of the suburbs and into the urban community.

We Are Where We Live

By Dale Olen

After 35 years in the same house, we're getting ready to move...closer to the city of Milwaukee and the Great Lake Michigan.  Our house, our little patch of land, the park behind our lot have all been part of our tiny evolution. We have been co-evolutionaries along with our place.  Our relationship to our home, the flower gardens, the huge trees that were two when we planted them (you should see them now!) has evolved us, grown us to become who we are today... 

Being a Warrior of Perseverence


By Dale Olen

This website has been in hibernation the past six months.  Recently, however, hesitant rays of spring sunlight are urging it to come alive again.  During this sleepy, tedious winter, I’ve talked with many people, walked through a fair portion of this Earth, read, studied, and poked around.  While I encountered grand landscapes and seashores, learned beautiful thoughts, and soaked up people’s values of justice, equality, and cooperation, I still felt a gnawing depression and pessimism about the human race and the future of our children and our earthly home.

I discovered, however, that the counter to pessimism is not optimism, but perseverance.

Becoming a New Human Species -- What a Story!

“If we do not change directions, we are likely to end up exactly where we are headed.”
Chinese Proverb.

Narrative and Pictures by Dale Olen

A new human species is emerging across the country and around the world.  A number of people have spotted this creature and named it—Homo universalis, Homo cooperativus, Homo x.

Pictures of Costa Rican Waters

Pictures by Dale Olen

Costa Rican water pours from the sky, pounds from the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, spills down mountains, crashes into canyons, fills lakes, rushes through streams, and meanders down rivers. Always moving, water floods this Central American country with vitality, sparkling colors, and refreshing comfort day and night.

Go to the Travels tab above and see 18 pictures of the waters of Costa Rica.

Shifting from Despair to Hope

Pictures and story by Dale Olen

For the past 60,000 years we sat as an audience for the great evolutionary journey of the Universe.  With our large brains, we have witnessed the big bang, supernovas, the formation of the Milky Way galaxy, our solar system, the birth of planet Earth some 4.5 billion years ago.  Then we watched the great shift to life on Earth.  We’ve seen life evolve through bacteria, plants, water creatures, land animals, and into hominids.

Patriotism of Costa Rica

Pictures and text by Dale Olen

Costa Rica has had no military since 1948.  A lot of those military colones (money) went to environmental protection and education.  With people and the environment their first priority, the place dances with life, beauty, and wisdom. 

Thinking Like a Salmon

Pictures and story by Dale Olen

Salmon lays their eggs in streams.  Depending on the temperature of the water, it takes about 67 – 86 days for the eggs to hatch.  The frys, as they are called, remain in the stream for one to three years, eating tiny insects and plants.  When they are nearly grown, they begin swimming into bigger streams and rivers heading toward the ocean.  Scientists are not quite sure why Pacific salmon, in particular, swim to the ocean, but when they arrive, they travel very long distances, sometimes up to ten thousand miles total over a three or four year period.

Then, amazingly, they...

The Creation Story

Pictures and story by Dale Olen

The scientific story of human becoming far outshines the mythical, religious creation accounts.  Edward O. Wilson tells that story in his newly published, The Social Conquest of Earth.  He unveils the conditions, the twists and turns that had to occur so that particular lines in the evolutionary maze could gradually sift out and yield a singularity, Homo sapiens.

The Blue Lagoon, An Infinite Commons

Pictures and Story by Dale Olen  

“Bring along all your hiking gear,” advised Dani, our Patagonian guide.  “As we get higher into the mountains, it could be cold, windy, and rainy.  Or not.  Be prepared.  But  I promise you, it will be beautiful.”

Beauty, like love and truth, cannot be diminished as other parts of the Commons can.


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