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Dale Olen
Executive Director

I grew up in Milwaukee, WI on the Great Lake Michigan. I studied philosophy and theology in college and in 1973 received my Ph.D. in a sub-specialty of social psychology called ecological psychology. At that time, this discipline explored the relationship between the human person and his/her behavioral environment, such as a workplace, home, school, and shopping market. We did not think much about the natural environment such as ecosystems, biodiversity, climate change and so on.

While at the University of Kansas, I became involved in the peace movement opposing the Vietnam War. After graduation I returned to Milwaukee and started up the Milwaukee Justice and Peace Center with the Capuchin Franciscans, a Catholic religious community interested in social justice. After several years of working for social and political change and retooling my academic studies, I became a licensed clinical psychologist and opened a mental health clinic, called Life Skills Center. I practiced as a clinician for 27 years and retired in 2003.

Immediately I turned my attention to the environment, especially to water in this State of 15,000 lakes. Soon, I was back to being an ecological psychologist, but this time inspecting the relationship between the human species and our Earth-home. That led to an exhaustive investigation of environmental ethics and the Earth values the human race needs to save itself and the planet from irreparable damage.

This Earth Wisdom Project is an effort to express an environmental ethics and a set of values that will result in respect and care for the human family and for Earth itself. Values and ethics are taught through stories. This website is a gathering place for all the storytellers who live close to the natural world and have found wisdom “that leaks from the rocks.”



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