Project Description

People assume that wisdom comes from the experience and rational minds of community elders. However, since elders emerged and evolved from the heart of the earth, it stands to reason that wisdom also began, evolved, and sprang forth from the living Earth. As a result, this project intends to search the planet for the wisdom that leaks from her rocks, water, wind, forests, and her walking, swimming, and flying creatures. The wisdom collected will be crafted into stories and shared with following generations. This expressed wisdom will serve, in part, as a legacy to Earth’s children.

The Earth Wisdom Stories Project


  1. To uncover and collect the wisdom revealed in the processes, creatures, and elements of the planet Earth. Specifically:

    • To discover, in the natural world, values of beauty, truth, and goodness;
    • To bring to light the ethical principles for living cooperatively and in peace within the human community; and
    • To capture again attitudes of respect, empathy, gratitude, and caring for every part of Earth and to live in her in a sustainable and protective manner.
  2. To create stories revealing the wisdom found in the crevices, rocks, and creatures of Earth.
  3. To share these stories with children, young and older adults using every modern method of communication.

Elements of the Project

  1. This website ( serves as the central operational feature of the Earth Wisdom Project displaying the collected fact-based stories of Earth wisdom. Materials, e.g., written stories, poems, photos, video, music, created by anyone will be posted, at the discretion of the webmaster, on this site.
  2. We continue to seek out individuals and groups representing a variety of disciplines to develop Earth stories for publication on the website. Among those we are looking for are creative writers, photographers, videographers, musicians, artists, college schools of journalism, fine arts, and earth sciences. Other disciplines will be added as the project grows.
  3. We are developing a “Think Tank” of creative people tasked with identifying the wisdom that “leaks from the earth” and presenting their findings in story form. This group will also serve as an advisory board to the Project.
  4. As the website receives and posts Earth stories, other avenues of communicating these stories will begin, including:

    • YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
    • Articles in papers and magazines
    • Talks and presentations to schools and groups
    • Workshops and Retreats
    • Pamphlets and short books
    • Posters
  5. The Earth Stories are offered to:

    • Educators and teachers as classroom material
    • Therapists, counselors, personal coaches working with their clients
    • Ministers and clergy
    • Environmental institutions and organizations
    • Creative Arts programs in schools of every level
    • Senior, business, and church organizations, e.g., Rotary clubs, Senior centers, etc.
  6. Once a year, an Earth Stories Conference will be held in Milwaukee, WI, where individuals, school groups, scientists, and environmental organizations will present Earth wisdom stories in formats of their choice. The Conference will be similar in structure to the TED Conferences, in which presenters have 18 minutes to express their best ideas. In this conference, presenters will have 15 minutes to present their Earth wisdom stories. Part of this conference will involve a competition among schools for the best Earth story from the elementary level through college levels.
  7. Workshops will be offered throughout the year to educators on how to teach students the process of discovering wisdom in the natural world. Contact us for a workshop at your school or in your area.

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