Mission of the Earth Wisdom Project

The work of the Earth Wisdom Project is to leave a legacy of environmental values and ethics to the children facing the collapse of ecosystems, biodiversity, and the integrity of water, soil, and air throughout the twenty-first century. We seek to open the minds and hearts of children and adults to a renewed worldview of a living planet that seeks a cooperative and nurturing relationship with the human species.


  1. To uncover and collect the wisdom revealed in the processes, creatures, and elements of the planet Earth. Specifically: To discover, in the natural world, values of beauty, truth, and goodness; to bring to light the ethical principles for living cooperatively and in peace within the human community; and to capture again attitudes of respect, empathy, gratitude, and caring for every part of Earth and to live in her in a sustainable and protective manner.
  2. To create stories revealing the wisdom found in the crevices, rocks, and creatures of Earth.
  3. To share these stories with children, young and older adults sing every modern method of communication.

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